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Direct Marketing Review

Is direct-marketing a scam?

get direct sell success easily review

Direct Marketing is a way that company market product or service by letting customers or outside people use their effort and potential and get paid. The good thing is, you don't have to do hard job like producing products, manufacturing, or seeking employee. You can build business and income that depend on you and make your better living and future.

The paid you get will be according to Compensation plan. There are many type of compensation plan

1. Direct commission

This type get you paid by how much you personally get the order by any means. For example, The company may pay you $60 per sell, If you got 10 piece sold you'll get $600. Some company or website with many products may pay you according to percentage of selling price like 5% or 10% of the price.


2. Single Level Compensation plan

This type get you paid by referring customer. As someone as your customer you'll get paid for whatever that person is buying or referring someone to buy.


3. Multi Level Compensation Plan (MLM)

This type get you paid by how many sale referring customer or other marketer and also by those who are referred by them. There are different ways how the company calculate this paying, There can be loosely classified as Unilevel Compensation Plan, Binary Compensation Plan, and Stair Step Compensation Plan.

Some Real-life Multi Level marketing company offer you what is more than money like free yearly Trip, a Car, a lifetime earning. However, as this industry have many opportunist go out and overclaiming their offer. You have to get enough information when choosing MLM Company.


Is direct marketing a scam? May be and maybe not.

- In the customer's view, buying something from a shop and from direct marketing are not much differ. But

- In the marketer's view, as most marketer don't manufacture their own product anyway, so to market other's product and service and get some money is not bad. However, difference compensation plan have differ things to offer. You have to ask yourself what serve you.



Direct Marketing is Real not Scam. And it have many benefit to offer so it is nice to study it.

There are many reviewed programs that are free to join. You can look at them Here.


This review is first written at 27 may 2016




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