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Online vs Offline Marketing. What is best? (Part 1)

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This is a question that many people are asking that What is best between Online and Offline Marketing. As well as many question, there are no 100% right answer because it depend on many factors. Also even you can find the right answer today it doesn't mean it is best for the next 3 month as the world is changing. However, these are some point that you may take a look and you'll see what is best.

The paid you get will be according to Compensation plan. There are many type of compensation plan

1. It reach people differently.
If we group types of marketing in two type.
Type 1 : Search, Email Marketing, search engine, PPC, online Advertisement, Mobile Application.
Type 2 : Catalogues, Brochures, Flyers, newspaper advertising, words of mouth, offline presentation, billboards.

I think most of you have been use various product (or service) that use advertising in type 1 and type 2 ways. That's mean both type are work. But the you may reach people differently, and these difference will get you advantage if you choose the right way of marketing for the product and services you want to do marketing.


2. In some country you get different result from same method.
For example, If we use online marketing in the country that internet isn't much popular. It may reach no one or only reach some kind of people that generally aren't have the taste like general people in the country that almost everyone use internet. And from research, people in different country get to the internet differnce way. For example, In Phillipines people use Facebook while in Russia people use VKontakte and twitter have high numer of usage in Japan.





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