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get website traffic easily review is mainly a Traffic Exchange website (For those who do not know what traffic exchange is Click here) which have a surfing ratio of 1:1 and you can submit a site for Worldwide visitor to visit or you can choose a specific country you want to view your site.(This kind of feature is called Geographic Targeting, you can see which traffic exchange have this feature here)


This Traffic Exchange is capable of quickly sending good amount of traffic to your website as it have large number active member at worldwide, site that set to be geo-targeted also have quick traffic sending rate in many country that is is a traffic base for this site, which are Netherland, Costa Rica, United States, and Canada(according to at 14/02/2016). Auto Assigning credit to any site you want and you can choose the ratio of credit sending to each site.

This site also has Site Directory that your site can be find if other member search a keyword that you choose to bid for, you have to invest credit for biding on credit. You also can gain credit by searching and browsing other member's site.

Other than traffic exchange and directory, this website provide many kind of advertising. Like banner, hotlink, and email advertising(you can spend credit to e-mail whatever number of member you want and can earn credit reading other's e-mail). Other Interesting Feature are include Playing Games for extra credit and Prize.'s Referral programs is 5-level deep and free member can earn 10-1% residual traffic.

In conclusion, is a traffic exchange that have many interesting feature and worth joining and become an active member, especially if you want good flow of traffic and using various method of promoting your site.



Type: This site contain Manual Traffic Exchange with Geo-Targeted.

Banner and Text ads: have Internal Banner and Text ads exchange.

Affiliate Program: Free user get 10-1% Residual traffic on 5-Levels and get 10% commission/ Max Upgraded user get Free Referral with up to 40% commission

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This review is first written at 14 feb 2016





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